Parma 16 January 2019 – Parma will be back in Serie A TIM 2018-19 action this Saturday with a 18:00 CEST kick-off vs. Udinese. Find out more about the stadium that’ll host our upcoming league fixture.


Inspired by Munich’s Olympiastadion in Bavaria, the Friuli in Udinese was built mostly into an embankment, with the stadium built specifically at ground level. It was inaugurated on 26 September 1976, yet the stadium would not be called the Friuli for another two years. The stadium was soon equipped with a massive concrete arch over one stand. In the years that followed, it received further work and during the 1980s was the sixth-largest stadium in Italy. 

During this decade, specifically in 1984, Lamberto Mazza, then Udinese President, opted to install a scoreboard of massive proportions. On 8 May, it was placed above the Friuli’s Curva Sud. This meant that Udinese now possessed the third-largest scoreboard in the world behind those in Los Angeles and Philadelphia. The ‘Cosmo’ was replaced by a new version in 2010, which was then replaced for the new Friuli in 2015. 


The Friuli was selected as one of the stadiums for Italia 1990, with the stadium receiving some work prior to the World Cup. This was then followed by additional refurbishment for Udinese’s participation in the 2005 Champions League.

Soon, Udinese’s owner Giampaolo Pozzo started to show an interest in renovating the stadium and in 2012 secured a 99-year lease from the council.

The new stadium, fully financed by the club, was built in stages. However, the team continued to play at the stadium during its renovation, which started in 2014. Apart from the main stand, the rest of the stadium was demolished and rebuilt. Following the work, the stadium was confirmed to have a 25,000 capacity, fully operational as of January 2016.