Parma, 5 December 2019 –  “I think that we went through as we deserved, we created a lot of chances even if we only took one at the end. We wanted to win, we’re aiming to do well in any competition.” This was the goalkeeper Simone Colombi following the fourth round Coppa Italia win against Frosinone. “It was tough today because the opponent was an excellent side and they’re been showing that recently in Serie B. We did well to keep believing until the end and score from the penalty. We ran some risks at times, mostly in the middle part of the second half. We did well to stay united and score when we had the chances to do so, even if we deserved to do so a bit earlier.”

“For me, this game meant a lot. By not playing in the league, these games give me a chance to show what I can do. I work for this, to be ready when the Coach calls on me to play. I’m happy for the win and we’ll have a good game next against Roma. I enjoyed the evening, I’ve always worked as though I’m going to play. I know what my role is and I’m the first to support my teammates. We work hard in the week and it’s right for it to pay off on Sundays. I’m happy with the win, now let’s focus on the league games and we want to give a good account of ourselves against Roma.”  

“The secret behind this team comes from training, we work a lot day after day to be ready and this is a positive for the Coach because everyone is ready when they’re called to the cause. How would I rate my season? Very good, I’m very happy. The group is very good and the team is excellent. As goalkeepers, we work well with the coach Bartoli so I’m very happy.”