Parma, 7 February 2020Vasco Regini became the latest player to hold his presentation press conference as he spoke at the Collecchio Training Centre today. Here’s what the Crociati’s new signing had to say:

“I certainly have the desire to get back on the pitch, the past year has seen me pick up a knee injury and suffer other problems. This is an opportunity which I seized immediately. The Club and the team are professional, the way they approach matters has made a positive impression on me and it’s not a coincidence that things are going well.

“The fact that the deal was done late? I was sure that I was going to remain where I was, there was just an hour left until the end of the market when the Director phoned my agent, who was on a plane. The negotiations concluded and I seized this opportunity with open arms, I like Parma.

“I’m here to give my all for both myself and the team, I’ve learned that you can’t plan anything, if the opportunity to stay comes about then I’ll be happy: I’ve joined a team who are in a great place and I’ve entered into a healthy and happy environment. The impact has been positive, I haven’t spoken to the Coach directly yet but I know a lot of the guys in this group because we’ve been teammates in the past, they’ve given me a very warm welcome.

“I was impressed by the professionalism of the people who work here at Parma, everyone gave me a great impression of professionalism and accuracy, everyone knows what they have to do and they do it with great desire and determination. Physically I’m feeling good, I wasn’t doing great last year due to injury, but I’ve done well when called upon this season, I’m feeling good right now.

“Lazio have shown that they’re a contender for the Scudetto, it’s a tough fixture but also as an opponent I’ve always considered Parma a tricky side to face, especially when they’re playing at home. What type of player am I? A left-sided centre-back, I’ve played at left-back plenty of times since I was young and I’ve got a lot of experience in both positions in a back four. My goal is to do well, to help the team reach its objectives, I’ll look to be ready when needed, to do well every day and improve myself.

“The Coach has done a great job, starting from the Lega Pro and getting here with an incredible climb up the leagues. There was a lot of enthusiasm after the promotion in the first year and then it’s more difficult to hold your ground, a lot of teams do well in the first year and then drop off the next. Parma did so well; the environment and the serious work put into achieving their long-term goals is the secret of this Parma side.

“How will I earn my spot? As I’ve always done: by working the hardest I can every day and looking to give the Coach a decision to make, I’ll bring my qualities to the group, then it will be up to the Coach to decide.”