Parma, 1 September 2018 – “The Tardini is the hardest place to play in Italy, a cauldron where you feel the hostility of the home crowd.” That was a famous phrase from Ballon d’Or winner, World Cup and European Championship and former Juventus player Zinedine Zidane. Massimiliano Allegri touched on similar themes before the latest meeting. “Juve have often lost at Parma, it’s historically been a tough venue, a tough game is waiting for us. Every team has stadiums where they struggle more, the Tardini is one of these for Juve.” Parma vs. Juventus has been a historic clash. The sides first met in the 1925-26 Prima Divisione with Juventus winning 0-3 before the sides met again on 9 September 1990 with Nevio Scala’s side falling 1-2 in their first appearance in Serie A.

There were the bright lights of the finals as we won the Coppa Italia for the first and third time in club history against Juventus. First on 14 May 1992 (2-1: goals from Alessandro Melli and Marco Osio) and 10 May 2002 (1-0: Junior with the goal) along with the second leg of the UEFA Cup final on 17 May 1995 (1-1: Dino Baggio with the goal).

They form the high points from this meeting that consists of seven wins, ten draws and as many defeats as the fixture continues to thrill.

Goals from Gianfranco Zola and Tomas Brolin in the 83rd and 87th minutes on 7 November 1993 during a 2-0 win saw Parma go top of Serie A for the one and only time in histroy.

A free kick from Enrico Chiesa in the second minute caught Angelo Peruzzi out under the Curva Nord and secured a 1-0 win on 5 January 1997. It was Dino Baggio again who decided a 1-0 win on 26 September 1998 with his goal in the 47th minute under the rain.

The most iconic goal from Hernan Crespo was in the 91st minute on 9 January 2000 with Parma down to nine men following the dismissals of Stefano Torrisi and Dino Baggio to secure a 1-1 draw that went down as an epic triumph.

The right-foot strike by Sabri Lamouchi at the edge of the area in the 88th minute on 23 March 2002 secured a 1-0 win and it would be the preview for the Coppa Italia win a few months later during a season when Parma stayed up comfortably under Gedeone Carmignani following the sackings of Renzo Ulivieri and Daniel Passarella.

From the same position and with the same foot, Sebastian Giovinco produced a rocket on 15 May 2011 in the 64th minute for another 1-0 win to help keep Parma up under Franco Colomba.

The real masterpiece came in the last meeting, 11 April 2015. The club had been bankrupt for months and the team was bottom with a seven-point deduction. It was the youngster who came through at Parma who won it in the 60th minute, the Argentine Josè Mauri. A legendary 1-0 win against the Champions of Italy. 

Once again it was in that goal. Under the most passionate supporters in the Curva Nord. Who knows why…

Parma vs. Juventus at the Tardini is not just a story of trophies won or places in the table.

It’s about more. A team and the people at their stadium. Passion can overcome the technical side. An atmosphere that can even be felt and appreciated by opposition players.