Collecchio, 23 July 2019 – Marco Veronese (Milan, 22 May 1976) is the new manager of the Parma Primavera side after Sporting Director Luca Piazzi announced the development during the presentation of the 2019-20 season for the youth team.

“By speaking with the Director and knowing the people in the academy, I noticed the great desire to do new things and perhaps change from the usual attitudes in Italy because they’re looking to have a more European approach here,” said Marco Veronese at his presentation. “I like this idea and we’ll look to put it into practice. On my part, I’ll look to give my contribution by using my experience as a player and a coach. I had the good fortune to work with a great coach like Gianni De Biasi as both a player and a coach. It was a great experience because the national team has totally different management and different issues compared to a club. This gave me greater experience and showed me different things in football. I went with him to Spain and Alaves where I was able to see a cutting edge version of football. On our part, we have to be clever and take from this and approach things in our own way without forgetting about our mentality and culture.”