Dear Parma Calcio season ticket holders,

As you know, Serie A’s schedule has been subject to multiple variations due to the health emergency linked to COVID-19. For this reason, before the temporary suspension of the league, the match between Parma and SPAL was played behind closed doors, without the presence of those who had bought a season ticket to attend all home matches at the Stadio Tardini.

Parma Calcio 1913 has decided to offer each season ticket holder the possibility to ask for a refund for that game behind closed doors. It’s a right that we ought to grant to our season ticket holders and below you can find all the necessary information and forms.

However, there is also another option: all our fans are aware of the initiative launched by Parma Calcio in support of The Strongest Team in Parma, the health team of the Ospedale Maggiore in Parma that is strenuously battling the emergency during this time. On the refund request form, each season ticket holder will have the opportunity to choose to support the club and give a huge helping hand to those who are fighting for us all by donating the sum to be refunded to The Strongest Team in Parma.

Regardless of the number of season ticket holders who, in light of this and other refund initiatives, will decided to donate their instalment to The Strongest Team in Parma, Parma Calcio 1913 will still guarantee a minimum donation of €100,000 which will go to the Intensive Care Unit and the Infection Unit of the hospital in Parma, which is now the most important cause. The Crociati Club will therefore support all of those who decide to help the health team at the Ospedale Maggiore in Parma by topping up the sum collected so it reaches the minimum threshold of €100,000, alongside the initiatives already underway.

We are now playing in the most important match together: together we’ll overcome this challenge.


It will also be possible to obtain a refund for your season ticket for each of Parma Calcio’s Serie A TIM 2019/20 matches that was scheduled at the Ennio Tardini stadium which you couldn’t attend because it was played behind closed doors.

For now, it’s possible to request a refund just for the Parma vs. SPAL match which was played behind closed doors on Sunday 8 March 2020.

Each season ticket holder will be able to begin the refund procedure for this game by filling in the form that you can download from our official website at the following link.

In the form you can choose two refund options:

the donation to the #StrongestTeamInParma initiative in aid of the Infectious Diseases and Intensive Care wards of Parma’s Ospedale Maggiore to help cope with the Coronavirus emergency, which has been the cause of these matches behind closed doors and the suspension of the league

– accredited to a personal bank account

The form has also been prepared for season tickets in minors’ names, so the parent or guardian will be responsible for the choice of refund for the match.

Once completed, the form but be sent for a countersignature to the following Parma Calcio email address:

Parma Calcio have also prepared a form for those who have purchased a season ticket for Serie A games at the Tardini Stadium using a VAT number, which can be downloaded at the following link.


In the refund request forms, alongside the personal details of the ticket holder and the choice of refund, you must include details of your season ticket for league matches at the Tardini this season.

The first piece of information to include is the number of matches corresponding to the type of season ticket owned, which can be found in the tables we have prepared at this link. The total value of the title and of individual matches is referred to for each type of season ticket.

The second piece of information to include is your subscription number, which is your Fan Card number on which the tickets are loaded. This can be found on the name card along with other identification elements.