“Isn’t it magnificent? Isn’t it the single most beautiful thing you have ever seen?” (www.joe.co.uk)

The launch of the third shirt for the 2018/19 season by Erreà via the club’s social media channels has created a form of hype perhaps never seen before.

A huge amount of media organisations all over the world have been extremely enthusiastic in celebrating the Crociati’s latest kit. Black like the ashes from which we rose again, featuring the cross as tradition dictates; the Black Phoenix has been the subject of almost unanimous acclaim. The first batch is already sold out in the shop and a number of pre-orders have been made for the next batch that will arrive in the coming days.

While waiting for the next two kits to be unveiled, here are a selection of comments on the kit that the team will wear today for the friendly against Sampdoria along with next Saturday in the Sportitalia Cup and the Coppa Italia debut.

“Now we just need more teams in Serie A to play in yellow and blue so that Parma can wear their third shirt as often as possible” (www.espn.co.uk)

“Does anybody else agree with me when I say, Parma have just dropped the hottest third kit in years? TAKE MY MONEY!” (www.sportbible.com)

“Parma’s 3rd Kit Is Magnificent” (bleacherreport.com)

“Parma’s new third kit is a thing of beauty and fans flocked to shops in their thousands upon its release” (talksport.com)