Parma, 10 November 2019 – “I’ve always dreamed of playing in a match like that, at home and against a great side while getting a positive result like the one today. We’re really happy and this shows that we’re working hard, the good results are coming and through good performances.” This was Kastriot Demaku after the home win against Roma. “They tried with shots from outside the box, then there was the Kolarov free kick and we did well in the box to mark as a unit. It was almost the perfect performance. When you have chances, it’s always better than not having them. In the dressing room, we said that the goal would come and in the 94th minute we were able to win the ball back in their half which showed that we were pressing high and playing a high line is vital against these sides and especially when you’re winning.”

On Dermaku’s impact in Serie A: “It’s thanks to this hard work over the years, it’s a role where experience means a lot. I think that I’ve made it thanks to having the right maturity and the group is giving us a big hand. I can feel the faith in me from my teammates and the Coach which makes everything easier. I’m very happy.”

“The season is long and we know this. In this league, you can never drop your guard or you’ll run the risk of entering a negative cycle because the teams are strong. You must always stay focused and give your best in every match. We’ll take the results we’re getting and look at the figures at the end of the year. Our aim is to stay up and we’ll get these points first before seeing what we can do. The group is vital, you have to be ready at difficult moments. Important players were our and it was important to give a big sign for everyone. We’ve always worked well and positively. Karamoh is an example, if you give your best in training you’ll get your chance and you need to be ready otherwise it’s hard to earn your spot back. The break has come at the right time, we’ve had a lot of games at this period and we’re perhaps a bit short on numbers. Now, we’ll regroup and go again strongly.”

“I’ve never played in a back three. With Bruno Alves, I played alongside him all pre-season and I think that we did well. I think that when you play as a collective regardless of who plays, things go well. We’re very, very happy.”