Parma, 10 Novembre 2019 – Roberto D’Aversa spoke to the media following the 2-0 win over Roma at the Stadio Tardini.

“If you consider the chances to score, the final result was a fair one and credit to the guys for how they managed a match that’s not a simple one. We were up against a side that had only lost once in the league and that was away which says that they play at their best away. With a number of players like Inglese, Grassi and Gervinho out, we still got a big result. Our position in the table rewards what these guys have been doing from the first day of pre-season. First of all, I’m satisfied for them because these results are being built in the week.”

“We’ve been on a journey since the pre-season camp. As a Coach, I’m satisfied that those who’ve played less have been ready to contribute immediately. When faced with Gervinho’s issue, Sprocati who is a guy with great quality was immediately ready to make a difference off the bench while Dermaku has also been at his best and this shows that the team is growing a lot and this is very important for a Coach. When everyone is attached to the cause, it’s easier to reach your goals.

“If you think that Cornelius was returning from injury and that he played the whole match, it means that the guys are working well. I can play with three forwards because those attacking players make a lot of sacrifices defensively, Cornelius is very physical and participates a lot at the back was does Kulusevski which allows me to use this system that makes us very dangerous on the ball. They’re the first players to keep the side compact and this is very important. This team sticks together well, not just at the back like before but also in the middle and higher up.

“They rotated as I expected yesterday with Mancini dropping back with three players in the middle and Pastore heading right to fill up the space left open. Scozzarella’s job was to stick on Pastore and you have to do well to absorb their movements. The guys approached the game in the best way they could and regardless of the system, we look to apply what we work on the week and winning individual duels is what matters and it’s not the system but your approach that wins games.

“I have to say at a time when we’re lacking forwards, I feel sorry for Gervinho but I was confident that Mattia would have a great game. When I previously named him as a possible starter in matches, it’s because I see training and what he can give us. Mattia has enormous potential, we’ve been working on it since last year and I’m happy that he made a difference tonight and he can earn an important place in the team. He’s been working for over a year for these chances and a night like this one.

“Gervinho said he didn’t feel a sharp pain and I hope he stopped in time, with Gagliolo it was just cramp and nothing serious. Roma are a strong team who played a game where they have a lot, we had to do well to keep the game balanced for as long as we could. Physically, they could have paid the price for playing in the Europa League but we had the better chances in the first half where Gervinho could have had more of an impact at points. Overall, we have to do better at reading moments in games but Roma have quality and they’re good at managing possession. We had to understand when to attack and when the chances were there to press high. Lopez is very good with his feet and you don’t always have the chance to press the goalkeeper. I thought they might fall off at the end after playing in Europe in the week.”