Collecchio, 7 March 2020 – On the eve of Parma vs. SPAL which kicks off tomorrow at 12:30 CET at the Tardini, Coach D’Aversa commented on the game.

Here are his words:

“In recent weeks we have worked very well and have prepared for this game with great intensity. Unfortunately, we had to change plans day to day but once we found out our opponents we managed to work on some technical and tactical situations. The team have trained well during this time with regard to intensity, and in the first couple of days when we didn’t know our opponents, we worked on ourselves. We managed to work on the opponents later, although we knew we’d play SPAL and last week we prepared to play against them, so we resumed the work we had done the week before. The important thing was to work on ourselves and tomorrow is crucial because we have a great chance to continue with our aim of avoiding relegation. We’ve prepared not only physically but also mentally throughout the week, and despite the absence of the fans and the difficulties related to that we’ll have to play well.”

“SPAL will come here to try and climb up the table, they’re currently bottom and they’ll have great motivation to come here and come away with a result. We will also be motivated as it’s an important game for us to get one step closer to our aim. All we have to do now is put aside those times of difficulties, which were caused by issues much more important than any football match. We’ll need to stay focused on tomorrow’s challenge to make sure all our training has been worthwhile and so we can take one more step away from relegation.”

“It’s an odd situation playing behind closed doors, it’s hard to play in these conditions as we haven’t had any history or experience to work from or improve upon: we’ll have to perform on the pitch and there won’t be any external factors like an away crowd to distract us, so the boys will have to stay focused from the first whistle. The lads will have the warm-up to get used to the environment in which the game will be played.”

“The suspension? When you’re experiencing the game on the touchline you have this energy because you’re right alongside the players, but you can’t really have that same feeling in the stands. You have to look at the positive side of it: watching from above gives you a much better view from a tactical perspective. It’s annoying to miss the game, and,” he smiles, “I’m looking forward to playing the game so this suspension can be over and done with. I’m not here to complain about the episodes, it’s something that I must improve because in today’s football even the coaches can be cautioned which can lead to a suspension like this. I’m confident that my staff can replace me suitably but not to try and copy me, because everyone has their own character and way of doing things. I also have confidence in my boys because I’ve been really pleased with the way they have worked in the past weeks and I can assure you that their training has been top quality; so, from that point of view I have the utmost confidence. What matters most is not the preparation during the week, but how the players react during the game. That never changes. The only thing that changes is the fact I won’t be on the sideline shouting.”