Parma, 5 May  2019 – Following the Crociati’s 3-3 draw against Sampdoria, Coach D’Aversa spoke to the press at the Tardini. This is what he had to say:

We began in the right way. We took the lead, and when that happens we usually try to make the most out of our characteristics. We were then naive, especially when it came to their penalty, and found ourselves a goal down. We need to adjust to certain circumstances given the presence of VAR, the ball that was played in was innocuous. We began the second half well and were taking the game to them despite conceding the third goal. It wasn’t easy to get back into it and we did well to do so. Sprocati and Siligardi helped us in this regard as they gave something extra. The lads did well to remain level-headed and get a point out of the game given what the situation was.

“As was the case against Chievo, we were slightly careless at times. Tactically, we prepared in a certain way, but there were mistakes from individuals. I’m thinking about their penalty and the fact that such a situation shouldn’t come about from a throw-in when I say this. For their second goal, we didn’t deal with Jankto correctly. Apart from our attitude, it’s also about interpreting matches and being clever. In the second half, the lads got at them and there were situations where we were open at the back, but we had to get back into it. After the break, we showed desire to get a result at all costs, but this is something that should have happened in the first half.

“Defensive mistakes like we committed against Spal are one thing, but improving under certain circumstances is another. Penalties have been awarded because there have been infringements. Football has undergone an evolution with the introduction of VAR, and that’s why there’s all the more reason to be more alert in the box now, as Dimarco was in the second half when he dealt with a much more dangerous ball without committing a foul. We can’t give anything away in the area and need to improve in this respect. Perhaps during the week I’ll blow for more fouls in the area when we play practice matches.

 “It can be the case that a misplaced pass can change the outcome of a game. We needed to try and not give anything away against a side that didn’t come to hand anything on a plate for us. Attention to detail is important, we were playing a well-organised team that punish you if you make any mistakes.”