Parma, 12th August 2018 – Following our 1-0 defeat to Pisa in the third round of the Coppa Italia, Coach Roberto D’Aversa spoke to the media in the Tardini press room. 

Here’s what he had to say:

“We knew that we would have some physical difficulties tonight and I’d anticipated that. However, when you play against a team from a lower division there is always the risk of things going wrong. When we conceded that risk increased. Our one regret is not having produced a reaction and that we weren’t united when put in difficulty. We’ll need to be more solid in the league. From a physical point of view, I knew that they would be stronger than us, but we should’ve done more to get a result. The commitment was there, however, and everyone gave their all. We are here to work and we’ll now have to fix a few things.

“Some players haven’t been here long and they still have to understand how the team works. We’re well aware that you face some obstacles when trying to build a team and we also know that it’s useless in trying to look for excuses. However, considering that we played against a team in a lower division then we should’ve done better, regardless of tactics. There is the motivation to make improvements and tonight I saw a team that gave everything to get a result, despite being slightly inferior on paper.

“The transfer market? The club is working on what we need, it’s not the right time to talk about it after a match. On Tuesday, we’ll be back to work with what I have available and I’ll look to get the most from the players that we have now.

The other Coppa Italia results? I mind my own business, I’m not interested much in what the others have done, I would have been interested in seeing more determination on the pitch tonight, despite knowing about our physical issues. At times, physical reasons make it seem that the character isn’t there. Last week was the last one when we could have a heavy workload, not including the new players who have been following different preparations. We knew that we wouldn’t be in peak physical condition because we had this week for recovery work so that we’d be at our best physical condition for the Udinese match. Work has to be done to improve from both a physical and tactical point of view. Biabiany as a full-back? He has the characteristics to be able to play there, we were behind and we needed a player who could push from that position after having already used Gobbi in that role who showed great willingness to work to help the team.”