Parma, 22 December 2019 – “Obviously, the goal means a lot. What’s most important is that the team equalised because we didn’t deserve to lose.” This was what Alberto Grassi had to say after today’s draw with Brescia: “The injuries mean that you need to focus and work hard to return as soon as possible to help teammates and the Coach. I dedicate this goal to my family who’ve supported me, to my friends and to my grandfather Angiulì. Not giving up is a real characteristic of the Coach, and this is being shown at the moment.

Another year is over. On a personal level, I’m pleased with my goal but we must avoid relegation as that is the most important thing for us. We’re delighted with this draw. First and foremost, the Coach has an incredible mentality, we all did well together. I prepare for all matches in the same way. I’m delighted to have scored against Brescia, but I would’ve been regardless of the opposition. In 2020 I want to keep contributing to both the Coach and the team.”

What difference has there been compared to last year? “There’s been little for me,” Grassi joked. “I was just injured right away. The most important thing is that we have a great group of players, we’re all committed and we want to do well. We’re strong when in front of goal. I must still improve on making too many mistakes, although today it went well. Our aim is to stay up, we must focus on reaching that as early as possible and then we’ll see.