Parma, 25 March 2020 – Today, our fanbase has once again demonstrated its generous and empathetic nature and proven that the bond that links the whole Crociati Community to the city and territory that it represents has never been stronger.

The Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs, an association which unites all of Parma’s fan clubs, has donated €25,600 to our #LaSquadraPiùForteDiParma (#TheStrongestTeamInParma) fundraising campaign, which was launched by the Club for the benefit of  the Department of Infectious Diseases at the Ospedale Maggiore in Parma and aims to provide concrete help in the fight against the coronavirus.

Thanks to the support of so many from the Crociati world, we were able to hit the €100,000 mark a few days ago.

The Ccpc released the following statement:

“Given that we’re a part of Parma, we couldn’t sit back and watch as our community tries to overcome this most difficult of battles. Today, the Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs is taking to the pitch and making a contribution in this really challenging match. Heart and passion have come to the fore in spontaneous acts, making it possible for us to do our bit. Thank you to all of the Parma Clubs affiliated with our association and their respective members. Thank you to all the volunteers who continue to help implement the various initiatives which we carry out. Thank you to the Boys Parma 1977, who have provided us with constant support. Thank you to all of the Crociati fans and everyone else who has donated to the cause. Thank you to Parma Calcio 1913, who have always been by our side and without whom it wouldn’t be possible to donate €25,600 to the Department of Infectious Diseases, thus lending our support to THE STRONGEST TEAM IN PARMA.”

Angelo Manfredini, the President of the Ccpc, also made a heartfelt appeal:Let’s stay at home today so we can meet up once again at the Tardini and shout ‘Forza Parma!’ as soon as possible. This isn’t the moment to leave our homes, it’s the moment to help our city by leaving it deserted. Because we want to help those who are working flat out to save the lives of everyone.”

Parma Calcio would like to use this opportunity to remind season ticket holders that they can ask for a refund for Parma vs. SPAL, a game which was played behind closed doors in Serie A due to the coronavirus outbreak. As outlined here, there’s the opportunity to give a huge helping hand to those who are fighting for us all by donating the sum to #TheStrongestTeamInParma.

IMPORTANT: FOR DONATIONS OVER €500, YOU ARE REQUIRED TO SIGN A SET OF FORMS, WHICH CAN BE FOUND BY CLICKING ON THE FOLLOWING LINK: https://www.ao.pr.it/la-squadra-piu-forte-di-parma-dal-parma-calcio-donazione-di-25-000-euro/