Parma, 22 May 2020 – The brand-new Lifestyle collection was presented today.

Created by Erreà, the lifestlye range was born from the desire to find the right clothes for our managers. It’s not by chance that Club Manager Alessandro Lucarelli is the face of these new products after a photo shoot from the Ennio Tardini Stadium.


The range has a casual and modern style, perfect for both the office and leisure time, making sure you can wear these colours with passion at all times. The collection contains three products: a polo shirt, a sleeveless top and a jacket.

• Parma Calcio Lifestyle Polo

A brightly coloured polo shirt with several fine details, such as the Parma Calcio logo embroidered on the front pocket, the phoenix symbol embroidered on the back, and 1913, the year our Club was founded, on the left side.


It is made of innovative B-HIVE fabric, which guarantees breathability and lightness. The decreased amount of fabric in contact with the skin, thanks to tiny air pockets, allows regulation of body temperature and ensures intense comfort. What’s more, the fabric’s double yarn creates a light-dark effect in the colouring. The new B-HIVE fabric is also Oeko-Tex®️ Standard 100 certified and doesn’t release harmful substances for the skin nor your health.


• Parma Calcio Lifestyle Sleeveless top


This top is both youthful and versatile, perfect for spring and summer with its zipped pockets providing great comfort. The Parma Calcio logo is embroidered on the chest, while you can find the year of the Club’s foundation embroidered on the back.

The piquet fabric used is extremely sturdy: its interior guarantees warmth and comfort while the exterior has a semi-gloss finish.

• Parma Calcio Lifestyle Jacket


The jacket, with its recognisable style, stands out for its versatility and comfort, which is guaranteed by the fabric cuffs and zip pockets. The Parma Calcio logo is embroidered on the chest while the year of the Club’s foundation is on the back.

The honeycomb fabric is sturdy, made of polyester and guarantees softness and comfort.

To find out more about the new Lifestyle range, visit our online store by clicking on this link.