Collecchio, 13 October – He scored a goal against Genoa and wants to continue to do well to maintain Parma’s Serie A status. Luca Siligardi gave his thoughts to the press today at the Collecchio Training Centre after Parma’s training session this morning. Here’s what he had to say:

“I feel good. What happened at the start of the season happened but now everything is fine. I’m in the team and have had the chance to play, and I’m looking to repay the trust that has been placed in me in the best possible way. Compared to when I was young, I’ve learned that you always have to be professional. And you reap the rewards from this because you don’t stop putting the effort in and working well. I’m now back in amongst the first team and have even started.

“We’re all competing for places here and we’re all capable of doing well. It’s up to us to give the coach a headache in terms of who he chooses to play. I was disappointed not to be in the squad after the Udinese game but I knew there was the possibility that this could happen. All I thought about was getting back on the pitch and doing my best in the hope that something could change. We know how things have unfolded. I came to an agreement with Pizzarotti after speaking to him, and it’s mainly down to him when I find myself in amongst the first-team squad. I am happy and would like to express my thanks to him. Now I hope to repay the trust the club has shown in me.

“When I came back in the training camp, I was on a list of those who were leaving, I wasn’t back in the project. Because of that, I wanted to give a sign and show what I could do in Serie A. What happened, happened but now we’re looking forward and trying to do the best possible. I’m enjoying the moment because I feel good, I had the fortunate of getting back to playing a starting role and I’ll look to hold onto the role as much as possible. I want to repay the faith that has been placed in me. My position? We spoke with the Coach in the second part of last season, I found a spot where I can much better express my potential and that’s going very well at the moment.” 

“Compared to my previous experiences in Serie A, I’m more aware of what I can give. In Bologna and Livorno, I was young while at Verona it was a particular situation but now I’m more aware and I know I can give a hand to keep Parma up. We’re carrying out things very well because we know that on paper we might be inferior to a lot of sides, but on the pitch, our abilities and tactics can put a lot of sides in difficulty. Serie A and Serie B are two different leagues, there’s more physicality and less skill in B. In A, you have to make fewer mistakes but there’s more room.” 

“We still need a lot more points to secure safety. The important thing is to not pick up the wrong attitude and to be aware of what we can do because the results speak for themselves and I think that we can keep doing well and show that we can stay up.”