Collecchio, 4 April 2019 – Parma President Pietro Pizzarotti wanted to comment on the Crociati’s current situation via the Club’s official website. Here are his words:

Yesterday’s defeat hurts a lot, also because of the way it came about. We need to say it as it is: we’re going through a difficult spell. We need to confront our problems united as a team. This Club’s strength has always been working as a group and as a unit. In the past, we’ve gone through difficult situations and have overcome them thanks to unity of all the components involved. The team, the Coach and the directors all know we’re going going through a bad patch, and we all want to turn it around. It’s not the moment to become divided and feel sorry for ourselves. Above all, it’s not the moment to look for excuses or try to justify things.

“We could look at the first half of the season, when we picked up an unthinkable amount of points, while we could also consider where we were three years ago and the journey we’ve been on since our rebirth. However, now we can only do one thing: be fully aware of who we are, the position we find ourselves in and the difficult spell we’re going through. We are in a relegation battle. Thinking about we advantage we had or the points we’ve lost during the second half of the season doesn’t serve any purpose. We only need to about the eight battles we’ve got ahead of us. We need to face them with tenacity and show the desire to achieve the goal that has always been our aim.

However, being aware of the situation doesn’t mean being afraid. That’s not who we are, and we should never be afraid. We need to be aware of the league season we’re having, the opportunities we have and the obstacles we’ll have to face. It’s pointless thinking about where we could have been, and it’s pointless looking back. We need to lift our heads up and look forward, united as one. In moments of difficulty, you have to think like a team, and when I say ‘team’ I mean the players, the staff and all those who work at this Club, first and foremost myself. When I say team, I also include our fans, who are rightly disappointed by our recent results after the great things we did during the first half of the season. Despite everything, they’ve never left our side, even yesterday against Frosinone. We need to stick together, ready to fight until the very last second both home and away against every opponent we have to play, starting from Saturday’s fixture against Torino at the Tardini.

“We need to be aware of who we are and what our strengths and weaknesses are. If we remain united, we’ll overcome all the obstacles we face. Let’s be clear about this: we need to do what we have to do right up until the last breath and drop of sweat. I’m sure that the city of Parma will be by our side and will push the team on until our final objective is achieved. We knew we would experience difficult moments, and the spell we’re going through is one of them. Let’s face this situation head on together and give everything we’ve got.”