Parma, 25 April 2020 – For the second time in just a few days, Parma Calcio 1913 finds itself forced to respond to inaccurate and misleading press rumours.

Specifically, contrary to what some media outlets are suggesting, the Club has never expressed any opposition to resuming training should the league get back underway. In the past few days, through our Medical Area Coordinator Dr. Giulio Pasta and our Healthcare Manager Dr. Paolo Manetti, the Club has been discussing the health protocol with all of the other sports doctors and the FIGC Scientific Commission, with the only common objective of clarifying some elements of an inevitably complex protocol, and the end goal being to identify the most effective practical solutions.

The fact that excerpts from this private correspondence between doctors is now being presented by some national media outlets as signed letters or appeals opposing the resumption of the league is an unacceptable twisting of the truth. Sadly, this is not unprecedented, given that just a few days ago the Club learned that some media outlets were claiming that the Club had signed a document regarding the league’s resumption, a document that the Club had not only never signed, but also one which the Club did not even support on the grounds that it was divisive.

Parma Calcio hopes that the difficulties of the current period, which bring a need to identify solutions as opposed to exploiting issues, will call everyone to a greater sense of responsibility as soon as possible.