Parma, 19 July 2020 – Sporting Director Daniele Faggiano spoke to DAZN following today’s match against Sampdoria. “The team played an excellent first half but I’m not happy with the result and there’s regret about this. We were doing well before the lockdown and straight after. Then, because of mistakes that weren’t just ours, we’ve lost four when we wanted to make the Club and fans happy. Apart from the late draw against Bologna, we’re not giving a good account of ourselves and we need to roll up our sleeves for the games we’ve got left. What am I asking for? To be more alert, like we were before. We weren’t conceding from set pieces before. But today, we were punished at the first one. I also feel bad for Sepe who has to get the ball out of the net despite how well he’s doing. We need to always stand up straight. We’ve got 40 points and shown that we can play against anyone. Today, it wasn’t easy to perform like in the first half in the second because we were playing at 17:15 CEST and it was quite hot. I had hoped that we’d bring home a positive result.

“Excuses need to stop otherwise it’s always somebody else’s fault. It’s our fault and we need to be more alert. Sampdoria controlled the second half, they scored more goals than us in one half. We had chances to get a third, didn’t take them and were made to pay. Those who aren’t playing are replaced by those who deserve to play and they need to be ready to show the Coach, the Club and myself that perhaps we’ve got some decisions wrong.

“These matches make you think a lot, also in terms of what you need to do to improve the team in the future. It’s normal for us to evaluate everything but I’m evaluating myself and the Coach is evaluating himself. We always look to be united and compact but when things aren’t going well, we need to examine our conscience. Now, neither myself or the team are happy because we’re going too much away which didn’t happen before, we’d have brought home a result there before. The fact that we’ve got 40 points shows that.

“More than for the performances, I apologise for the results. Take away the second half and moments when we lacked focus against Milan or the first halves against Bologna or Fiorentina, I don’t think there’s anyone to blame from the other games. It’s normal to apologise when the results are poor because nobody is happy with this after all the good that we did before and to throw away the last seven or eight games makes me sorry.”