Parma, 5 December 2019 – Following the fourth round Coppa Italia match between Parma and Frosinone, Roberto D’Aversa spoke to the media after the win at the Tardini.

“We did well in the first half, we ran the risk of conceding a second in the second half when had chances to finish the game off earlier and we can’t allow this. We let the result become in doubt after a match that I think we had in hand, there were no doubts before. The late goal. I think that when this happens, it’s not just good or bad luck but it comes from the desire and determination to get a result. This evening, even if we made some small mistakes the desire to get the result was there.”

“I think that Siligardi was excellent. With Adorante, it was clear that he could have difficulties because he was coming back from a long injury and he needs to play more to find consistency. Usually, it takes a year to come back from an injury like that if you’re training and playing consistently. He’ll have chances to play even I’ve sent him to the Primavera a few times and it will take more time. The others? Like how I said yesterday, rather than thinking about who is missing, we have to think about those who play. So far, Laurini has done well. Pezzella had some problems but it was important today that he could gain confidence against a side that doesn’t play at a much lower of a level. If we analyse the Frosinone squad, most of them were there last year in Serie A. There were positive also for Dermaku and all the rest.” 

“The penalty takers can be Hernani and Kucka who takes them well, it’s clear that the order always reflects what happens in training. You can miss a penalty and you have to think that it’s a unique situation where staying cool and the mental aspects are key.”

“We wanted to go through. Perhaps form the line-up, some may have thought that we were underestimating the effort required but that absolutely wasn’t the case. Logical choices were made to get us through the tie while remembering that we have an important league game on Sunday. From this point of view, there was no doubt about how we’d play. It wasn’t easy to do so with all the players out and we hope that some will be back to face Roma. At this moment, we’re struggling to tether through training sessions and not even matches but I have to say that these guys have been amazing because the best comes out in times of difficulty.”