Parma, 9 March 2019 – After the 1-0 win against Genoa, Roberto D’Aversa spoke to the press at the Stadio Tardini.

We wanted to win at home, in front of our fans. It was important to get back on track as we chase our objective. We still need more points to secure survival. This was a balanced match considering what it was worth and if you analyse the chances it was a fair result considering that we had players who were back after a long time out while others played but weren’t at 100 per cent. The guys put in a great performance and it was enough to win.” 

Gervinho? We spoke about his chance at the end, he said he didn’t see his teammates and I think he lost sight of where he was going around the goalkeeper. It was important to bring home the result, sometimes trying too hard to score means you can make mistakes but I don’t want to blame Gervinho who’s always been a positive figure for us.”

The crowd pushed us on and created an atmosphere with their chanting. That unity is important when you’re fighting for survival. We need to keep thinking about our work in the week, it’s delivered 33 points so far and now we’ll try to do our best in a tough away game at Lazio.” 

“The tempo was quite high in the first half, the team often wanted to press hard while we also tried to do that in the second half but got it wrong. The result was too important and we needed to be tidier technically to get men over and create two-on-one situations out wide. In the first half, we had two chances through Dimarco and Inglese. In the second half, there was the goal and the Gervinho chance. Overall, you have to be satisfied with four chances in Serie A in a game like that, it was a very important result for us tonight.”  

“At the moment, Napoli are one side who are playing very well as a team in Serie A while the rest look to make the most of the characteristics of their individual players. Three years ago, Parma were in Serie D and now we’re in Serie A with 33 points. It seems ridiculous to me to speak about attractive football. Have other teams looked at me? I get lots of calls from people offering compliments which I pass on to the guys for the season they’re having. I’m very focused on my work here at Parma, I’m really happy to be here. Let’s enjoy this win, the guys are having an extraordinary season.”