Rome, 17 March 2019 – After the Crociati’s 4-1 loss against Lazio, Coach Roberto D’Aversa spoke to the press at the Stadio Olimpico. Here’s what he had to say:

After their first goal, the team collapsed. We got it wrong in terms of our attitude and our interpretation of the match, and I include myself when I say this. Counter-attacks? We knew that Lazio were a team with players capable of doing damage when you give them space between the lines and space to counter. I think the difference came down to the motivation levels displayed: Lazio were superior to us when it came to challenges and duels. When a technically superior opponent displays greater desire to get the result, it only gets harder. My expulsion? There was a misunderstanding with the referee, it concerned a certain incident in the first half. Regardless of this, we got it wrong today.

“We struggled on the flanks mostly through Patric, whose attacking play caused problems alongside Marusic. We were struggling but not for their second goal. We didn’t cope with their attackers when Patric was pushing down the left. We made mistakes and there are no excuses. When you play badly against a team like Lazio then there is risk of making them make you look stupid. Despite being 4-0 down at half-time, the team at least came out with a different attitude after the break.

“Everyone who came on did well. Sprocati’s first goal in Serie A came on this negative day, but this has to give him some confidence because he has the technical ability, he’s good at playing on the shoulder and he can use his right and his left. It’s clear that he just needs to be more confident in his own ability, he can earn more playing time and this depends on him. If we consider the fact the fact that Lazio only missed out on Champions League qualification on the final day and that they’ve continued in the same manner, the Biancocelesti have the possibility of reaching their objective. Difficulties can emerge during the year, but Inzaghi has done well to keep the same style of play while changing certain elements, such as playing Luis Alberto in centre midfield. With a full squad, Lazio are a very strong team.”

“Against Genoa, we changed tactically when Biabiany came on in midfield. He had the physical attributes to play in that role with Luis Alberto opposite him, moving Kucka onto Milinkovic-Savic seeing as they’re a physical match. If we analyse the initial decisions, we came to Rome to play with four attacking players seeing Biabiany is one, but he can do very well in defence and keep things balanced. In the second half, we changed to a 3-4-3. However, it’s not the system that makes you do better or less well, it’s how you interpret the game that matters. The difference between the first and second half was the fact that we got everything wrong in the first, including our attitude.