Parma, 22 July 2020 – This is what Coach D’Aversa had to say following today’s win over Napoli:

“We often let ourselves be influenced by results when we judge things. It’s true that we’ve been through a rough patch, but I have very little to criticise the lads for when it comes to their performances and the commitment they’ve shown. This evening, we won back some of the points which we’ve let slip away recently. When I think about the games against Inter, Verona, Roma and Milan, there are still regrets. I hope that we’ll recover more lost points in our upcoming matches.

“We resumed with a draw away to Torino and a highly deserved victory over Genoa. After that, we played really well against Inter and were leading up to the 85th minute. All we need to do is think about where we can improve, but there have been circumstances that have greatly influenced the results we’ve achieved. At such an important stage of the season, when you put in good performances but things go against you, you pay for it from a mental point of view. We’ve never created excuses and have only looked at ourselves, always working to try and pick up important results. We’ve now made survival a mathematical certainty today, but we’ve never been at risk of being relegated.

“Sometimes, we create problems for ourselves and forget about where we started. I arrived here four years ago with Parma in Lega Pro, while the Club and its ownership started out in Serie D. You have to think in steps. Objectives aren’t set by the Coach but by the Club. As soon as people started to talk about the Europa League, I publicly stated that the right structures weren’t in place, something which is required if you want to aspire to achieve that aim. Nevertheless, I believe that our objective is to do better. My future is our next game against Brescia. We currently sit on 43 points but want to finish as high as possible.

“We’re the only team that is in quarantine. Therefore, when you perform well and don’t pick up positive results, it’s not easy to manage the mental side of things. Furthermore, it’s difficult when a depleted team has to play every three days. It hasn’t been possible to rotate some players to give them proper rest so as to ensure that their performance levels don’t drop. However, we’re not ones to create excuses, we take responsibility when we think we could have done more.

“The starting line-up? I see the players every day, and if I decided to start Karamoh, Caprari and Siligardi it’s because I feel like they’re more likely to make an impact performance-wise from the very beginning. I also needed to think about the fact that Brescia are up next for us, you need to take everything into account. My role as a coach means that if we win, the changes I made were right, whereas if we lose, I made the wrong calls.

“We’ve worked hard to make the dreams harboured by our fans come true, and sometimes things have gone well and other times not so well. However, I want to emphasise that these lads have never fallen short when it comes to commitment and attachment to the shirt. Results can make you think differently, but it’s clear that this can be put down to the mental side of things rather than it being a question of commitment. We take it one game at a time and our objective is to pick up as many points as possible. Every time the lads have been asked to achieve certain objectives, they’ve managed to do so. They have to be given credit.”