Bologna, 13 May 2019 – Coach Roberto D’Aversa spoke to the press this evening following the Crociati’s 4-1 defeat to Bologna. This is what he had to say:

All of us need to take responsibility for what happened. We didn’t demonstrate the right spirit for a derby fixture. There aren’t any excuses: Bologna were better than us. There’s regret because of the cards we picked up, something which not only affected tonight’s match but will also impact Sunday’s game. We need to shoulder the blame and think about recovering for our next fixture. It’s true that we’ve lost the game and we’re disappointed, but our destiny is still in our own hands. We need to do everything we can to try to reach our objective on Sunday.

“The problem is that we lost the balance that we had found recently. It’s true that we were missing players in midfield, but I don’t like to make excuses. Looking at the goals we conceded, apart from the fact that Sepe had kept us in it at the start, what I wanted to see was a different attitude. We feel sorry for all of the fans who encouraged us even when we were 4-1 down. We don’t like to point to absences, but when players such as Inglese, Grassi and Gervinho are missing it can take its toll.  However, we’ve done well in terms of pulling together through difficulties at other times, and this should have happened again tonight. Everyone needs to take responsibility for tonight. If a centre forward is missing, their absence is going to be felt whatever the team. But we could have played better in spite of the absences. Two games now remain, it’s not the time to overreact nor to be too calm. All of us need to think about how to do better.

“A training retreat is not the solution to solve any problems we have mentally. Now is the time to take responsibility but also to remain calm. We’ve still got the opportunity to avoid relegation. Our disappointment comes from our performance given the importance of the game. Alves? At that specific moment he lacked composure, but this is something we were lacking throughout, including when we had the ball. We need to analyse the game and try to improve. In the first 20 minutes, we gave too much away, and this isn’t part of our game. We have to train well during the week and make sure we’re in optimum condition both physically and mentally for our next game. Will measures be taken against Alves? We do have internal rules, but this isn’t the moment to crucify him. He knows that he got it wrong. It was a lack of composure on the pitch, he showed he was sorry in the changing room. We can’t look to blame people at this current time. What I want to do is analyse what we can do better.