Parma, 28 July 2020 – After the game, coach D’Aversa spoke about Parma 1-2 Atalanta:

“The free kick definitely changed the face of the game, as did not taking all the chances we had. In Atalanta’s last few games, I don’t think any team’s given them as much trouble as we did tonight. Yes they got back into it, but we had a big opportunity to equalise late on. That said, we’re not happy that we aren’t taking any points, my boys deserved more. A draw might not have been the right result either, but it happens and we’ll look at our errors.”

“After the restart, we drew against Torino and beat Genoa, and we scored an 85th minute winner against Inter. Then, we all know what happened? There were a few games that were influenced by our own errors, and also unfavourable conditions determined the results. But if we’d taken four or five points, it wouldn’t have been robbery. Of course that makes you face the rest of the season in a different way. On a level of results, we’ve lost six, but I think these are all being analysed in the same way. There were a few games where we made mistakes, like against Bologna, the second half against Sampdoria. But for the rest of them, I think the boys did great things, of course the result influences the final judgement. Playing every three days, you lose a bit of rhythm – I’m not looking for excuses. And we are missing players, like Inglese, Cornelius, Kucka, Hernani and Grassi. Playing every three days causes problems.”

“Corporate restructuring? You’ll need to ask the club. We all know that there’s the possibility. In the past, the ownership has shown they do things for the good of the team, to try and improve. So from that point of view, I consider myself fortunate to have worked with such great owners all these years. From that point of view, Parma can be happy, the ownership offers a lot of guarantees.

“We all knew how they play, with players like Gomez, Pasalic, Malinovskyi, who know how to take advantage of what opponents give them. It’s not easy, because they don’t have a big target man, then they look to come inside, whether it’s Gomez or Pasalic. I have to say, Kurtic playing in that deeper role gave the defenders a chance to be a bit more aggressive. I think it was a great game. Talking about the first goal, from the free kick that went through the wall, I don’t like that. We dropped off for their second goal too, but you can also say that we didn’t take enough of our chances.You cannot do that in Serie A, especially against a team like Atalanta. We regret not taking a result home with us. If we look at the second half of the season, where I think they’ve only lost to SPAL, no team has put them in so much trouble. From our side, we can be proud of playing well against a strong side. But we also regret not having taken any points.”

We’re lucky to have a player as good as Kulusevski. In spite of his age, I’m sure he can improve the mental side of his game even more. Usually, players of his age can go through spells where they don’t play as well. He always keeps his feet on the ground. I think he’s got an amazing mental fortitude for his age. He’s convinced he’ll make it and that he’ll become one of the world’s best players. I think he will, and he already is. I can’t think of too many other players, who’ve done so well in Serie A coming straight from youth football.”