Parma, 25 February 2019 – “It’s important to recognise the spell we’re going through, but we shouldn’t overdramatise things in doing so.” This is what Alessandro Lucarelli, Club Manager of Parma, had to say from the TvParma studios when speaking as a guest on Bar Sport.

“At the moment, we’re not picking up results. However, if we compare the results to those we got in the first half of the season, we’re only down by three points. Lately, we’ve faced teams strong on paper: given that three of the four teams were Roma, Inter and Napoli, this perhaps explains why we’ve suffered four home defeats in a row. In terms of what we have to do and the objective we want to achieve, we are in a solid position. In fact, we’re ahead of target with regard to our objective for the season. It’s important to recognise the spell we’re going through, but we shouldn’t overdramatise things in doing so.

“Let us be clear: we know that we are not safe on 29 points. Perhaps subconsciously we may have relaxed slightly, but this is not something the Coach can work on – it doesn’t depend on him. And these things make the difference between winning and losing a game. We’re going through a bit of a bad patch if you want to call it that. Luckily it’s happening now, because it’s often the case that you will lose against Juventus and Napoli even when you’re 100% on it. During the league season, every team goes through a dip in form. We now need to think about getting back on track and pick up the few points we need to secure survival as soon as possible.

“The poor results at home? Playing at the Tardini is not a problem, we need to play with the certainty that the home crowd can give us. Perhaps it’s the case that we’re able to better express our characteristics on the road. Just as we study others, they study us. At first maybe we were a surprise, now the Coach is looking at different things: rest assured, he is trying to do something about it. Perhaps the points we gained earlier made certain people think that our objective could be about to change. Of course, we won in Genoa, Florence, Milan, Turin, Udine, and the team deserves credit for what we’ve done so far.

“The squad has certain characteristics, and no one knows better than the Coach regarding how to make the team express themselves in the best way possible. Parma have scored 25 goals, more than other teams who are looking to avoid the drop. We are on 29 points and don’t need to compare ourselves with, for example, Roma or Fiorentina. When we were promoted in Spezia, no one said: ‘Let’s not bother with Serie A because I don’t like the way we play”. We were all very happy – and rightly so. We have two very quick wingers and a player like Inglese who is capable of making his mark, which is why you play him where you do. Nothing is invented out of nowhere, the Coach works on the basis of the characteristics of the players he has available to him.”

“Criticism towards Sepe? Let’s be careful about what we say on social media. If we want to say that Sepe did something wrong and could have done more, there is rightly the freedom of expression to do so. But you need to be beware of saying harmful things without any foundation just to cause harm or just because you’re in a blind rage. That is something we won’t tolerate.

“Our next match? We’ll be facing Empoli knowing that it’s a direct clash to avoid relegation, it’s a match where we’ll need to go for it and demonstrate a real fighting spirit. We need to come back with a positive result, although we don’t necessarily have to win due to our position in the league. Nevertheless, we need to go there and try to take a decisive step towards our objective. It’s the right match to get back on track.”